2015-12-17 16:09:51 by TheMidget


2015-09-09 14:44:11 by TheMidget

BALI SHAG, an EP about who knows. Coming out in the next few days....fixing up some last minute stuff.

In the meanwhile, check out SQUAD! It's not that bad!

check it

2015-03-12 21:11:22 by TheMidget

i know nobody reads these but:

peep "vox", my poorly produced acoustic jamz:

much pathos. for the most part, im happy with these songs.

stay tuned for SQUAD, 7 or 8 song album with twice the instumentation/girlfeels.

It's Been Forever

2014-07-29 13:06:28 by TheMidget

I haven't made music in forever, but I'm back and I'm better (or so I'd like to think). I just released an instrumental EP called "Dour Power" Listen, maybe download it, but at least tell me what you think!

She, Me, and The Robot

2011-05-14 14:31:07 by TheMidget

In the process of recording a short liitle EP type thing. Have no idea when it will be finished, but I will let all who are interested know when the time is near. - The Midget zS-s